Diablo 3 Strategy

Hi everyone,

I’ve created this website to assist anyone who plays Diablo 3 and is needing a Diablo 3 strategy guide.

Inside you will find heaps of tips, really cool tricks and well researched strategies to allow you to progress through the levels faster, get gold faster and ultimately enjoy and get a greater sense of achievement from the game.

To start off, here’s a quick overview of Diablo 3 (sometimes referred to as D3):

Diablo 3, Blizzard Entertainment’s 3rd game in it’s Diablo series, is played by hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions, of people from all corners of the world. It is designed to be both a single player online game and a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG).

Released on May 15 2012, it takes place 20 years after the setting of Diablo 2, and is set in the world of Sanctuary.

As you complete tasks and kill enemies in the game, you’ll be rewarded with gold, experience, items and reputation, all of which faciliates you increasing your skill and power so you can go on to achieve greater things.

It is quite probable that in visiting this website you are looking for a reliable Diablo 3 strategy to level-up your character.

In the initial game you can level your character up to Level 60. There is speculation that there may be additional levels available in expansions of the game, just as there was in Blizzard’s ever popular World of Warcraft game.

This is just one example of where this website becomes very useful. You will be able to access tips and tricks to levelling up your character, plus I will conduct reviews of only most popular Diablo 3 strategy guides so that you have the opportunity to learn from the legends of the game!

Here is a superb comprehensive guide if you are looking for all the bases to be covered in detail (i.e. levelling guide, build guide and gold guide all in one):

Diablo 3 Secrets

This is an awesome site that has a comprehensive members area containing truly up to date information on everything to do with Diablo 3 from Leveling from 1 to 60, an effective gold making guide, how to kill bosses, how to craft your artisan skills, quest guides and more. This is done digitally and supplemented by videos and meetings where you see the pro’s play and kill massive monsters. You cannot help but be better with this resource at your disposal.

Anyway, back to my overview of what Diablo 3 is all about…

Within the world of Sanctuary, there are 2 primary types of characters:

1) Player Characters (controlled by people like you)

2) Non-Player Characters (also known as NPC’s and are controlled by Blizzard’s gaming software)

There are five types of hero that you can select to play, each type having its own individual skills and abilities. Depending on which type, or class, of hero you choose to play, you can develop as the type of hero that goes in hacking and slashing, those that step back and fire arrows or spells or the type that specializes in supporting others through healing and the like.

The five Diablo 3 hero classes are:


•Demon Hunter


•Witch Doctor


Your character will earn gold to finance their adventures in Diablo 3. They will also come across items such as weapons, armour, other equipment and commodities that they can pick up and sell or use if found adventuring, or purchase if needed and they have the gold to do so.

Diablo 3 introduces the concept of a Real Money Auction House (RMAH) where you can buy and sell items with other players for real money. This has many very excited about the possibilities for financial gain and well as fun coming from playing Diablo 3.

Diablo Secrets - learn and conquer!Are you not leveling fast enough and does your character not have enough gold?

If you answered yes to this question then I strongly recommend that you go and have a look at Diablo 3 Secrets.

This regularly updated, important guide includes a beginners guide, a quest guide, a gold guide, a class guide, an Inferno guide, a power leveling guide, an artisan guide, a skill runes guide and boss strategies. Phew, talk about comprehensive…Click here to go check it out now!

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